"Frostbite" is the story of a dark goverment conspiracy set in post-apocalyptic New York City, where the sun no longer shines, and the world relies on technology to go about they're daily lives. The story focuses on one, Ryan Young, a UNSC military police officer determined to solve the death of his friend, and former boss, John Eden. Ryan finds himself in a bind with the mayor of New York, and a famed inventor of the H.O.P.E. Unit, a replacement sun in the sky, and possibly the most important piece of technology ever created. Ryan's investigation leads him to discovering what goes down behind the story of the sun.
-Ty Coker
-Daniel Morales
-Iain Ewing
-Trae Coker
-Eric Faries
-Jon O'Conn
-Connor Cadogan

Written By
Ty Coker
Directed By
Ty Coker

Book One:  Chasing Suns
Chapter One: "Enter Ryan Young"
Chapter Two: "The Ruins"
Chapter Three: "Rat Race"
Chapter Four: "Defiance"
Chapter Five: "The Frozen Flame"
Chapter Six: "The Gift and The Curse"
Chapter Seven: "The Plot Against The Tyrant"
Chapter Eight: "Tiger in a Cage"

Book 2: Moments In Oblivion (Coming Soon. Updated 6/29/2013)