While working on our bigs series like SYNAW and FrostBite, we are also hard at work an a few mini-series to possibly release inbetween seasons of full series.

One of our most favored stories, Memories is the tale of a man named Micheal Lynch, who wakes up in a city plagued with amnesia. driven by a slight vision of his past, he sets out to find out who he is, and what happened to the city to cause the catastrophy.

-Ty Coker
-Daniel Morales
-Iain Ewing

Written By:
Ty Coker

Directed By:
Ty Coker

Act 1/6
Act 2/6 "The Librarian"
Act 3/6 "Roscoe"
Act 4/6 "Glen"
Act 5/6 "The Shadow of T.N."
Act 6/6 "Final Act"