Sorry You're Not A Winner

Sorry You're Not A Winner, more popularly known for it's abreviated name "S-Y-N-A-W" (\ˈsī\ˈnȯ\) is the story of a young UNSC Military private, Lance Greene, who's base inside the future-set african warzone is ambushed by a terrorist squad lead by an exmarine, Steven Conners. while knocked out during the attack, Lance witnesses a strange vision, and when he meets a Naval Intelligence squad interested in what he saw, he finds his vision was more than he thought. Lance sets off on a journey through supernatural power, alien technology, and past rivalies to learn what the true meaning of his vision is.

Season 1 Cast:
-Ty Coker as: Lance Greene, James Phillips, Rick Jameson, Steven Conners, General Isenburg, Dimitri Miller, The Prophets, Surque, and Scott McKenian after episode 7

-Colin Hoppe as: Scott McKenian until Episode 8 and 'No Name' Duncan

-Daniel Morales as: Daniel Griffon and Karth

Season 2 Cast:
-Ty Coker as: Lance Greene, James Phillips, Dimitri Miller, Steven Conners, Isaac Strafford, and Dan Greene

-Daniel Morales as: Daniel Griffon, Karth, and Clark Stewart

-Trae Coker as: Rick Jameson, Derek, and Chairman Hill

-Iain Ewing as: Scott McKenian

-Caleb Hyles as: Arthur Lewis

-Eric Faries as: Cornelius

-Conner Cadogan as: 'No Name' Duncan

-Andrew Armstrong as: General Isenburg

-Dori Mclelland as: Samantha Bryers

-Ender Gamma as: Jack Reaves

-Jordan Thompson as: Frankie Conway

Season 1 Written by
Ty Coker and Colin Hoppe

Season 2 Written by
Ty Coker

Directed By
Ty Coker

Season 1 Archive:
Episode 1 - "ShellShock"
Episode 2 - "Genesis"
Episode 3 - "The Sands"
Episode 4 - "Profecy"
Episode 5 - "Creeping Darkness"
Episode 6 - "Conflict"
Episode 7 - "Judgement"
Episode 8 - "Reunion"
Episode 9 - "Brothers" (Act 1/3: Part 1)
Episode 9 - "Brothers" (Act 1/3: Part 2)
Episode 9 - "Brothers" (Act 2/3)
Episode 9 - "Brothers" (Act 3/3)
Episode 10 - "Last Resort" (Season 1 finale)

Season 2 Archive:
Episode 1 - "Bygones"
Episode 2 - "Sarge"
Episode 3 - "Vengeance"
Episode 4 - "For The Alliance"
Episode 5 - "Civil Conflict"
Episode 6 - "Spirit Sands"